Nelson was born at Verizon Labs in 2015 and became open source in the middle of 2017. The project built from years of experience in the field by a handful of senior engineering staff. Today there are a variety of contributors from various companies, all in different market sectors; from high-street retailers to hyper-growth internet companies.

Core Team

Primary development of Nelson since open-sourcing has been conducted by the core team:

There are also a host of other contributors from around the interwebs.

Alumni Team

The engineering staff who helped originally create Nelson are listed below (in order of duration on the project):

Finally, the Nelson team would like to shout out to the following teams at Verizon who helped make this project happen:

  • Verizon executive management - specifically Suri Medapati - for believing in us, and affording the time for Nelson to be built.
  • Verizon Legal for providing us the opportunity to release Nelson into the open.
  • Verizon Network engineering for always connecting us.