Open-source, Container-first Orchestration

Nelson fuses years of field experience with rigorous formal methods to provide a continuous delivery system that "just works". Users are empowered to focus on building their products, whilst operators gain guarantees that applications are meeting the organizational best practices.

Immutable Deployments

Built from the ground-up to support immutable infrastructure: every deployment and dependency is explicitly and semantically versioned, allowing Nelson to have full knowledge of the deployment graph, enabling easy traffic shifting, production testing and experimentation.

Scheduler Agnostic

Users face a plethora of choices when it comes to picking a scheduler - you may even be running multiple kinds of schedulers. Nelson enables operators to focus on scheduling (without losing power), whilst users focus on shipping their product.


Out of the box integration with Github (SaaS and Enterprise versions) means Nelson already integrates into the workflow you know and love. Simply create a project release on Github and Nelson will distribute and run your program container.

Secure By Default

The easy thing should also be the safe thing. Nelson has security baked-in: every stack launched with Nelson has unique security policies, with ephemeral, rotating credentials that are unique per-container.

Seamless Multi-Cloud

Nelson makes multi-datacenter, multi-region deployments trivial. By integrating with scheduling substrates, the runtime fabric is all Nelson needs to know about. Run Kubernetes on Google Compute Engine whilst you run Hashicorp Nomad on bare-metal in your company datacenter - Nelson will ensure that workloads are placed, tracked and sunset where-ever they may be.

Container Native

Nelson was built from the ground up to work with containers. Nelson will take images from your build system and replicate them to your datacenter environment automatically - perfect for multi-region deployment scenarios.

Impartial CI

Use whatever Continuous Integration (CI) system you want! The Nelson team believes you should be able to compose your technology stack however you see fit; there is no prescription to couple major systems infrastructure components.


From day zero, Nelson was designed with self-service, devops-style workflows in mind for end users. For those parts that cannot be delegated to end-users, operators are well catered for with a set of APIs that enable full control over scheduling, secrets and more.


Distributed systems are fundamentally graphs. Nelson embraces this and models your entire system topology as a graph, allowing the system to know which systems interact, and what exposure any given system represents.


Contributors to the Nelson product span a wide gamut: from Fortune 15 companies to hyper-growth internet companies, Nelson's growing ecosystem is vibrant and friendly. There has never been a better time to get involved!